Using Online Video for Your Small Business

Every small business can benefit from online video. The world of specifically and online video as a trend, provide yet another community or network to market and promote your small business, whether you do business online or in a traditional brick and mortar location.

The main goal of using online video to increase your revenue is attracting traffic to your website or physical customer traffic to your store. We have a travel website, and YouTube channel and use online video to post travel videos and tips to entertain our visitors and to drive traffic to our website. We have people who watch our videos on and we also have web visitors who watch the videos on our website or Facebook.

Adding video to your website can be done easily by uploading videos to and then embedding the videos on your website using simple links and HTML code. You get the double benefit of offering video to your website visitors, as well as the traffic generated from

The videos we upload to are tagged and titled to reach the largest audience possible, and our channel has clear links back to our website. Here are some tips to help small business owners use online video to promote their business:

Using Online Video for Your Small Business
Using Online Video for Your Small Business

Upload Helpful Content
The best content to upload is informative, helpful information related to your business. We have a travel website, so we upload little travel hints and tips.

Add Video To Your Website and Social Network Pages
Adding video, once uploaded to is easy. Simply add a link or embed the video using the information from the video.

Create a Business Channel
Create a channel specifically for your business and tag or link all your websites, ads, anything you do with the channel address, just as you promote your website. Your goal is also to build subscribers, a network of other YouTube users who like your content and have want to receive updates whenever you post a new video.

Link Your Channel With Other Social Networks
Your channel can be linked to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, so all videos you post are automatically posted to both. This helps cross promote your business across the different social networks and can increase your Facebook likes and Twitter followers, while generating more traffic to your website.