The Internet Backstreets – Part 1

There are many ways to make a Web site, most of which include downloading a framework written in Perl, PHP or even just plain HTML with a flat file database. When the less-than-informed people talk about websites, they think it’s a hop, skip and a jump, and you have a Web site, but for most, this isn’t the case.

It can be that easy, for people who use premade frameworks, or, it can take a lot of time and effort, with skill and a bit of luck mixed in. This piece of writing is about what to use for the right situation. There are millions of websites on the internet, and every one of them has some form of system, that system could be an open source framework such as WordPress, PHPBB, or even a handmade tree structure of plain HTML and CSS. While both of these options can create a great website, it only works out if you use them for the right reason. It wouldn’t work, say for example, if you used the forum software PHPBB to create a blog, as it wouldn’t do what the owner intended. You need the right tools for the right job.

 The Internet Backstreets – Part 1

The Internet Backstreets

I’m sure there are hundreds of different ways to create a blog, a few mentionable frameworks are WordPress and Movable Type, while you could buckle down and use MySQL with PHP to create your own framework. Things like WordPress are not created by one guy aiming to make a load of cash, they’re powered by a thriving community that want to help create this free tool for millions of users worldwide. While some people want to support this, others may not, and may dislike it in favour of another framework, and argue about it. But, for most, this doesn’t happen often.

Blogs are an ideal way to share your creations, holidays, events or interesting stories with people who can leave comments and share your creations with other blogs and people, but shouldn’t be confused with forums, or static websites.

Forums are probably the backbone of the internet, it’s where thousands, even millions of users create a virtual community using the ability to post, reply and share. Forums are used for larger production than Blogs, and are not for personal use. Forums are for discussion, feedback, sharing and a way to communicate with users who like the same things as you do.

As for blogs, forums are a place to share your things and creations, but rather than being for a small, fan-based audience, it’s for a large, community based audience.

Static Parking
I call it parking because there’s no change in content unless a problem or important event arises. Static websites are where there is no framework, just a tree structure of different files displayed to the user. This kind of website could be used for restaurants or someone’s personal Web site, or even a small business’ Web site.

There’s not much to talk about with static pages, as they don’t require any specific setup or anything like that, so I’ll conclude my guide here. It’s a try, maybe not successful, but if you fail, try, try again.