Software for Speeding Up the Internet

Internet speed lets businesses and individuals finish their tasks much more quickly. With wireless laptop connections, consumers often want wireless modems that can more quickly transmit information across the Internet. However, when these modems are not available, consumers can turn to a variety of wireless accelerator programs.

software for speeding up the internet
software for speeding up the internet

Internet Tweak

Internet Tweak speeds up Internet speeds by tweaking various settings for modems, web browsers and email software that slow down the Internet access. Consumers have to pay for this product.

UFaster- Internet Booster

UFaster- Internet Booster makes tweaks to the computer and allows the computer user to see how fast the Internet runs both before the tweaks and after the tweaks. This program requires no knowledge of computers to use. Users simply click a single button and the accelerator automatically speeds up the Internet connection. This program helps users more quickly download programs and stream video and audio. Internet web pages will also load faster and search engines will turn up results very quickly.

Easy LeexSpeed

Easy LeexSpeed speeds up the Internet by making the computer more efficient. This program cleans out the hard drive and makes tweaks to the computer automatically so that computer users do not need to make these changes themselves. For example, this program will adjust screen brightness based on what tasks the computer is involved in. When reading text, the screen brightens. When performing tasks that require greater processing power, the screen darkens so that more energy can go towards processing.

Click Boost

Click Boost focuses on increasing Internet speed by making tweaks to the modem to completely optimize Internet access speed. Also, the program runs automatically in the background and makes adjustments to the computer such as ending processes that were improperly terminated so that the computer has enough virtual memory to process data quickly. The computer allows users to make adjustments so that they can determine which computer processes have priorities. The program then provides statistics about the computer so that the user can take a more hands-on approach to optimizing the computer speed.


Some programs speed up Internet access by caching. Caching stores Internet data on the computer so that the computer can access this data very quickly.


Compression programs reduce data storage so that the computer has more space to process information by removing redundant information and replacing that redundant information with references.

Transport Protocol Optimization

Transport protocol optimization programs take web browers, which are continually opening and closing channels, and creates persistent channels through which the data passes. These programs also prioritizes certain channels.