REALTORS® are experiencing one of the most unique housing markets of all time. With increased loan programs, skyrocketing price increases and a flood of new buyers, REALTORS® have the potential to earn incomes higher than ever before. As in all industries, only the experienced and consistently successful will survive. Many companies anxious to cash in on the real estate market’s upward trends are providing tools designed to make REALTORS® more efficient, effective and profitable.

Realtor Tools
Realtor Tools


The most innovative, yet elementary tool yet is the electronic lockbox. This invention that integrates electronic and mechanical technology to allow agents to securely access an on-market property doesn’t stop at that. In addition to its essential function, many areas have incorporated the use of PDAs to not only activate a lockbox, but provide MLS listings anywhere, without a computer. Now when showing clients a home, an agent can access other area homes available for sale, along with contact information for agents and maps of the area. Electronic lockboxes also provide a selling agent with information on showings, giving them the ability to establish contact with buyers’ agents and receive feedback on their properties.


Tools for Terrific Transactions

Another tool designed to increase an agent’s productivity is the use of real estate agent web design templates. With the use of these inexpensive, effective templates, a REALTOR® can quickly construct and launch a site promoting his or her services. Many real estate web design templates have become all-inclusive, complete with code for mortgage calculators, contact information collection, and automated information distribution.

Now more than ever, REALTOR® tools are needed to increase the efficiency of real estate agents and their transactions. What is and has always been the real estate agent’s most valuable resource is time. Potential clients now value their time as much, if not more than ever before. Utilization of REALTOR®-specific tools allows for clients to research inquiries ahead of time, resulting in an educated consumer and less time-strained agent.