Real Estate Marketing Post Card

Sending out real estate marketing post cards is the best way to help a business grow. Almost all real estate agents are paid on commission. By advertising through postcards, you ensure a certain number of responses. You are also able to target a select group of people who may want to purchase that house you need to sell.

Trying to advertise real estate online is not always the best use of resources. It’s hard to look for a home online because you can’t get a good sense of the house itself–its state of repair, the amount of light that comes in through the windows, etc. But if you send a postcard with a gorgeous photo of the house in question, you can invite people to an open house or show off the home’s best feature(s).

Your average real estate marketing post card is seriously flawed. I don’t know who designs the majority of them, but they won’t catch anyone’s attention. The biggest mistake they make is putting a picture of the real estate agent on the postcard. I know it’s good to see a friendly face, but when you’re spending several hundred thousand dollars on a purchase, you really want to focus on the product rather than the seller. Another mistake most real estate marketing post cards make is putting the agent’s contact information in small, hard-to-read print at the bottom of the postcard. These vital pieces of information need to be printed in a larger font, in a color that’s easy to see.


Real Estate Marketing Post Cards Make Money

It only takes one postcard to make a sale, let’s not forget that. For every thousand postcards you send out, you may not even get a single call. But the key is to just keep putting them out. You can never advertise too much, despite what some people may think, especially if you’re on commission. So start advertising today, because your next huge commission could be one postcard away.