Planning a Healthy Getaway

Sometimes we all need a breather. You know, a getaway from your daily demands and have an opportunity to take a few cleansing breaths. Ok. Maybe more than a few.

First let me define by what I mean by getaway. A getaway isn’t quite a vacation. It happens over the course of a long weekend or a few days midweek and usually happens pretty close to home – think driving distance. It’s relaxing, nonstressful and lightly planned. In the context of this, we are talking healthy too, meaning no cheesy fries and triple thick milkshakes.

Now, onto the planning of a healthy getaway.

Planning a Healthy Getaway
Planning a Healthy Getaway

Choosing the location for your healthy getaway

First, know your area. Is there a great wine country two hours upstate? Perhaps there’s a relaxing oceanside setting nearby? Or maybe there is a great quaint town filled with bed and breakfasts three hours away? These are all great possibilities for a healthy getaway

Bear in mind a few things such as where you want to eating (cooking for yourself means you’ll need a kitchen or kitchenette) and what you’d like to do (lay in a hammock, get a message, etc).

Here are some leads on finding your healthy getaway location:

spas – Try Spa Finder to locate ones near you.

ocean or lake locations –Google the location and “ocean” or “lake”. Uncertain of the location? Just type in the state you are looking for along with “ocean” or “lake”.

mountain resorts –Google your state and “mountains”. Or if you know a getaway area nearby, search for that.

national parks – The National Parks Service has a great search engine for locating a park that meets your needs.

bed and breakfasts – Check out this site for a directory of bed and breakfasts all over the country.

Defining your healthy getaway

So what is it that you want to do on your healthy getaway? In considering this question, I suggest making a list of all the things you’d like to do. If you are traveling with others, have them do the same.

For a healthy getaway, your list should include some physically driven activities such as biking, swimming, or even just walking. You could take a stroll past historic places or retreat to the beach for a great leg workout while walking.’s exercise channel offers a number of suggestions for getting a workout in without any equipment. The Home & Garden Channel has some great suggestions of their own that can be viewed here.

Healthy getaway eating

Don’t undo your good eating habits with bad decisions while away, especially on a healthy getaway. Planning ahead and being aware of what you are doing will help you have a healthy eating experience while away from home on your healthy getaway.

If you are driving to your healthy getaway, pack some healthy car snacks such as bottles of water, cut up vegetables and pretzels. Better yet, if your destination has a refrigerator in the room, take some cut up fruit, yogurt and other healthy foods to eat over the course of the week.

Eat on purpose. This means eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full. By not overdoing it, you can enjoy your meals without any unnecessary guilt. And don’t forget your food groups – five fruits and vegetables a day, proteins, carbs and fats.

WebMD suggests that you sample the indulgent foods, and allow one splurge a day. This will keep you from feeling deprived while on your healthy getaway.

One great way to ensure a healthy getaway is to check into restaurants in the area you’ll be visiting. Try to find healthy-oriented eateries that have menus of interest to you. You can also try to locate healthy restaurants like this by contacting the local Chamber of Commerce or asking the front desk at the place you are staying.