KidRocket: Safe Internet Browser for Children

KidRocket is a cool browser that allows your kids to visit certain websites and play games. This is a great browser because you do not have to worry about your child running across porn and other things that you don’t want your little one exposed too.

In the KidRocket browser there are 12 different sites that they can visit in the demo version. I have not purchased the full version so I am writing on what you receive in the demo version. The 12 sites are PBS Kids, Sesame Street, Lego, Nat Geo Kids, Disney, Starfall, Crayola, SFS Kids, Nick jr, Cartoon Network, Noggin, and TVO Kids.

In the KidRocket browser there are also many different games that the children can play. Some of the games include Pacman, tetris, Space Invaders, and Tic Tac Toe. There are many games that you can play online with the KidRocket browser.

In this KidRocket browser, you have the option of turning the internet on and off. If you just want to allow the child to play games and do things offline, you can click the icon at the top of the window and it will turn the internet off. To turn the internet back on, simply click the icon again. This icon is the last icon at the top of the window.

At the bottom of the browser you will see the timer that is running. This timer will time how long you have been using the KidRocket browser. This is a great tool. If you have set a time limit for your child to be on the computer, you can use the timer to keep up with that.

There are also other sections in this browser that are very useful. You will find the Art section at the start up of the program. This section will allow the child to paint or play the starbrite game. There is also a math flashcard section. You select the a sign and practice your math skills.

There is an admin area for parents. In this section you can lock the browser so that the child can not close the browser out. They can only stay in the browser. This is great for younger children. You can turn the KidRocket browser on, lock it, and turn them loose and let them have fun.

You may find that this browser if not for you if you have older children. There are many more browsers out there for children. I’m trying out different ones, so I’ll let you know about the different ones that I find. There is so much porn and ugly stuff on the internet that we need something to protect our little one’s eyes. My two boys like to look on google images for skateboarding and nascars, that’s not even safe. I will pass on any more browsers that I find.