Free phones have really revolutionized the way that people communicate. Many a person has tried cellular service simply because there was no charge for the handset. This is a long-standing marketing strategy that really works. I know, since it’s the reason I bought my first cell phone!

Today, like many others, I have become so reliant on my cell phone service that I do not even have a land line. My use of a cell phone can be traced back to a free phone I got from a service provider. It’s no wonder that so many cellular companies use this technique to find new customers.


Free Phones in the Internet Marketplace

free phones
free phones

Of course, free phones aren’t the only marketing devices used to increase customer bases. Companies have begun to rely more and more on internet advertising to promote their special deals. The cell phone industry has been a major player in the online revolution. These days, you can find not only phones but service plans available for purchase on the web. The phone is sent to the customer’s home, where she can active her new phone by entering an assigned code.

Free phones in combination with other offers make for potent direct-response advertising vehicles. The biggest cellular companies have turned to online marketers to help them increase their respective web presences. With the phone industry so varied, it pays to bring specific products to forefront through the use of internet marketing.