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10 Basic Online Marketing Tips


What sets you apart from your competitors? What have you done for them to easily locate your business? We live in a digital world with a prominence in technology. One thing that is crucial for any business whether brick and mortar or virtual is a website. A website is key to your target audience and provides viability for your company.

Basic Online Marketing Tips


Let’s look at 10 basic online marketing tips to live by and see how you measure up. Here is a checklist to gauge your business model:

  • Choose your company and domain names wisely, it represents your company
  • Your company and domain names establishes your brand identity
  • Choose your hosting company carefully; do you need a basic or an ecommerce package?
  • How is your website appearance? Does it represent your company’s image, product or service?
  • Website tab/header basics: home, about us, service/product, shopping cart (if
    applicable) and contact us
  • There are website tab/header basics, build your site according to the needs of your company and those of your target audience
  • Stay away from flash pages they can not always be read by your audience, SEO or on a cell phone or personal digital assistant (PDA)
  • Create keywords, metatags and search engine optimization (SEO) that are appropriate for your company’s product or services
  • Frequently update your keywords
  • Submit your Uniform Resource Locator (URL) to various search engines
  • Submit frequently, keeping your company and domain names fresh
  • There are several ways to collect audience data; one way is to have a signup page for those that visit your site
  • Signups create an internal database
  • Keep your target audience updated on specials, news or any information that is special to your company
  • Sending emails through your standard email account is acceptable, however, depending upon the volume and frequency it is considered spam
  • If your emails are high volume and frequent consider sending emails through an approved emailing marketing services – Cooleremail or Constant Contact to name a few
  • What is on your site that makes your audience react, get excited and come back for more?
  • Partner with other companies to add exposure for your company
  • How are you validating your company online and setting it apart from your competitors?


Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing is often conducted in person through referrals and at open houses. However, direct mail such as follow up letters and flyers is a great way to stay in touch. Since email is often ignored or labeled as spam, why not go the low-tech way? Believe it or not, direct mail still has incredibly high response rates.

Written Real Estate Marketing

real estate marketing

You can send invitations, flyers, sales letters, letters of introduction, or even brochures about your business. If you run seminars, you can send invitations to them, and also include some complimentary tickets. Be sure to add your contact information in case some prospects want to speak with you further.

While websites play an important role in real estate marketing, they are not your only way to market. Many people like to have written material available in tangible form, such as brochures and booklets. Have some printed to keep on hand in case anybody wants to have that information handy.

You can use postcards to remind people of upcoming events and tell a little bit about them. You can also use postcards to thank people for their business. Corporate greeting cards, with a handwritten note, also make a good impression on prospects and clients. It’s an easy way to stay in touch. Use snail mail in your real estate marketing and you are guaranteed to get good results.

Real Estate Marketing Post Card

Sending out real estate marketing post cards is the best way to help a business grow. Almost all real estate agents are paid on commission. By advertising through postcards, you ensure a certain number of responses. You are also able to target a select group of people who may want to purchase that house you need to sell.

Trying to advertise real estate online is not always the best use of resources. It’s hard to look for a home online because you can’t get a good sense of the house itself–its state of repair, the amount of light that comes in through the windows, etc. But if you send a postcard with a gorgeous photo of the house in question, you can invite people to an open house or show off the home’s best feature(s).

Your average real estate marketing post card is seriously flawed. I don’t know who designs the majority of them, but they won’t catch anyone’s attention. The biggest mistake they make is putting a picture of the real estate agent on the postcard. I know it’s good to see a friendly face, but when you’re spending several hundred thousand dollars on a purchase, you really want to focus on the product rather than the seller. Another mistake most real estate marketing post cards make is putting the agent’s contact information in small, hard-to-read print at the bottom of the postcard. These vital pieces of information need to be printed in a larger font, in a color that’s easy to see.


Real Estate Marketing Post Cards Make Money

It only takes one postcard to make a sale, let’s not forget that. For every thousand postcards you send out, you may not even get a single call. But the key is to just keep putting them out. You can never advertise too much, despite what some people may think, especially if you’re on commission. So start advertising today, because your next huge commission could be one postcard away.

Corporate Merchandise

Consumers get a little sick of corporate merchandise. Everywhere we go, we get bombarded with pamphlets, key chains, brochures, magnets, postcards, and buttons. Most of us throw this stuff away. We don’t read the brochures and we don’t use the key chains. Billions of dollars are wasted every year on ineffective corporate merchandise.

Corporate Merchandise
Corporate Merchandise

For some reason, many marketing executives feel like they have to pump out corporate merchandise. It’s just something companies do. We have to bombard people with buttons and cheap pens so we can increase visibility and acquire new customers. This strategy does work for a number of great businesses. They saturate the public with their promotional items hoping to land a few customers.


The Shotgun Approach

This approach, which is often reserved for commercial advertising, is commonly referred to as the shotgun approach to marketing. A shotgun shell sprays out pellets when it’s triggered. The pellets cover a large area allowing you a little more flexibility when it comes to hitting the target. As long as you aim in the general direction of the target, you’re likely to hit it. The same rationale applies to this form of marketing.

If you spray your corporate merchandise all over the public, you are bound to hit a few customers. If you hand out 10,000 brochures, 500 people might read them, and 50 might buy the products and/or services described in the brochure. It’s a numbers game. This numbers game will work in your favor as long as you distribute merchandise that’s inexpensive and easily disseminated.

Direct Marketing Information

If you are interested in getting direct marketing information, you have come to the right place. This guide discusses the ins and outs of all methods of direct marketing, from direct mail marketing to telemarketing to optin email marketing. Whether you have been in business for years, or you are just starting out, you can not afford to dismiss the proven success of direct email marketing.

Let’s face it, everyone uses a computer these days and has Internet access. In fact, many people use the Internet to shop, acquire information, and just stay connected to friends and family. It only makes sense to use this tool to advertise your company and the products and services that you sell.

Finding Direct Marketing Information


Hopefully, you can get all the direct marketing information you need from this guide. However, you can also do a search online which will help you find sites that deal direct marketing. It’s easy to conduct a search, and it will only take a few minutes of your time.

To begin, you might want to log onto Google or Yahoo, two very good search engines. You will be prompted to type in some key words which will help the search engine find sites pertaining to your request. In this case, you could use, “Direct Response Marketing” or “Optin Email Marketing”, and hit submit. Within seconds, you will have a large lists of sites that contain info about these topics.

Real Estate Marketing Ideas

The real estate market is hot and full of competition. With home prices at record highs, there is also an astronomical amount of income to be earned by effective, competent and adaptable real estate agents. Gone are the days of door-knocking and telemarketing, making way for direct-mail and email campaigns.

As many real estate agents will tell you, consumers have changed. Many buyers and sellers are less tolerant of direct contact such as telemarketing and prefer to receive more subtle marketing, allowing inspection and review at their leisure. For this reason, many agents are utilizing email newsletters to relay market trends, personal updates and other valuable information.


Market Yourself in the Mail

Real Estate Marketing Ideas
Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Direct mail marketing was at one time cost prohibitive, making it useful to only the most successful agents. Many large real estate brokers now utilize local on online printing shops to produce professional, inexpensive marketing pieces in just a matter of days. The ability to customize these pieces and project a professional image gives agents an incredible ability to reach their target audience in their homes. These printing shops can also provide discounts on more costly marketing material such as refrigerator magnets, business cards, and personalized notepads.

When a real estate agent is thinking about marketing ideas to improve business, it is important to think about both the old and the new. The main reason a fully encompassing marketing plan is important is so an agent can appeal to the widest audience possible. Best of all, marketing efforts that have the most potential and are proven to be effective can carry a cost of very little to nothing.

Direct Marketing Agency

A direct marketing agency can help your company grow a bigger customer base, as well as increase your total revenue. If you’ve tried direct mail marketing, or even used telemarketing strategies to sell your goods and/or services, you probably have come out discouraged. The important thing to realize is that these direct marketing methods do not elicit the most encouraging results, no matter how diligent or hard-working you are.

It is almost as if you should not take it personally, because no matter how great your products or services are, these methods of direct marketing almost always fall on deaf ears. Let’s take a closer look at why these strategies do not work, and how a direct marketing agency can help you fine tune your advertising campaign. The future success of your company often involves taking an entirely new approach to marketing.

Direct Marketing Agency
Direct Marketing Agency

A Good Direct Marketing Agency Can Help Flip-Flop Poor Sales

In a nutshell, direct mail marketing and telemarketing do not work because consumers are not always receptive to hearing about your company. It’s may sound harsh but it’s the truth. If you are a company that sells garden tools and lawn mowers, for instance, and you send brochures out randomly, the consumer who lives in a high-rise apartment building in the city will probably use your brochure as a coaster! Either that or it will end up in the trash can.

A targeted approach to marketing is what works best, and optin email has proved this again and again. When consumers have previously shown an interest in hearing from certain companies, again, we’ll use the gardening supply company for an example, they are more likely going to respond by purchasing something. If you send your marketing material via email out to those people who have expressed an interest in your gardening tools, you will elicit more positive responses and sell more products.

Bulk Email Marketing Campaign

Image result for Bulk Email Marketing CampaignA bulk email marketing campaign is designed to reach a targeted audience which will result in a higher response rate. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve higher sales and a broader customer base. This type of direct marketing has proven to be more effective than direct mail marketing and telemarketing.

With direct mail marketing, you must pay for paper, printing, and postage. The average cost to send out 1000 flyers is $750 to $1000, which only yields about a one to two percent response rate! This means that only 10 to 20 consumers will even read your flyer, out of the 1000 that you sent flyers to. This is obviously not very cost effective nor is it encouraging.

Attain Success with A Bulk Email Marketing Campaign

Moving onto telemarketing, we only need to say that consumers do not like the concept very much. Recently, the DO NOT CALL LAW was passed due to consumer complaints to the Federal Communications Commission. Now telemarketing has become much stricter since it these companies must abide by this new law.

bulk email marketing
bulk email marketing

Finally, a bulk email marketing campaign works well because it is geared towards a targeted audience. Consumers who have expressed an interest in receiving promotions via email will be more receptive to hearing about your products and services. The response rate is much higher than the other forms of direct marketing, and optin email campaigns can be fully tracked for better planning in the future.

Mortgage Telemarketing

There is great opportunity to earn a substantial income through mortgage telemarketing. Like traditional telemarketers, people in the mortgage telemarketing business gain leads and make sales through cold calls. Frequently, though, these calls are made to businesses nowadays, as a result of the “Do Not Call” lists that have abounded lately.

Mortgage telemarketing combines the traditional telemarketing field with the fast-paced high potential income of the real estate and mortgage businesses. Because of the nature of telemarketing, though, your job can be performed from virtually anywhere you can set up a phone and get some quiet talking time. Mortgage telemarketing allows the high commissions of loan sales to be combined with the comfort and convenience of in-home telemarketing.

Mortgage Telemarketing and Training

Mortgage Telemarketing
Mortgage Telemarketing

Different mortgage telemarketing programs have different theories about training their salespeople. In some cases, a company will want a telemarketer to be completely versed in the product line and in-depth details of mortgage structure and law. Programs like this will often provide classes for the salespeople and telemarketers to educate them on these issues.

Other mortgage companies structure their business so that telemarketers only need to be knowledgeable about the basics of mortgages. In these cases, the telemarketer will act as a “hook” to get the client interested in the product line. Once a client is interested, he or she will be transferred to a sales representative or loan officer. This allows for positions in which a telemarketer doesn’t need to be as trained in mortgage structure.

Opt In Email Marketing


Image result for Opt In Email MarketingOpt In email marketing is the way to go if you want to increase your sales without spending a fortune on advertising. When you stop to think about how the whole process works, it just makes more sense than using any other method of advertising. Direct mail marketing can be very costly to implement, and it really does not yield a high response rate.

Telemarketing companies who cold call consumers usually get nowhere fast. If you live in America and you own a phone, you are probably all too familiar with the aggravation that comes from getting uninvited telemarketing calls in your home. You always seem to get phone calls at the worst times, such as when you are in the middle of dinner, or you are giving the kids a bath. Who wants to hear a sales pitch when you are busy with your family or you are just trying to relax? Not a lot of people.

Successful Opt In Email Marketing

Here’s where opt in email marketing comes into play. First, opt in means that consumers give their permission to receive email from certain companies. The fact that they have expressed a prior interest before receiving any ad material already boosts your chances of increasing your sales. In addition, people are much more receptive to advertising when they are relaxed, and doing something they normally already do, like check their email.

Opt In Email Marketing
Opt In Email Marketing

Finally, customers are given the choice to opt out at any time, should they no longer wish to receive email from a specific company. This puts the consumer in control, which is a good thing because no one wants to feel bombarded with marketing materials. Optin email lets you track your responses, fine tune your ad campaign, and ultimately, boost your overall sales.