Bulk Email Marketing Campaign

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Image result for Bulk Email Marketing CampaignA bulk email marketing campaign is designed to reach a targeted audience which will result in a higher response rate. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve higher sales and a broader customer base. This type of direct marketing has proven to be more effective than direct mail marketing and telemarketing.

With direct mail marketing, you must pay for paper, printing, and postage. The average cost to send out 1000 flyers is $750 to $1000, which only yields about a one to two percent response rate! This means that only 10 to 20 consumers will even read your flyer, out of the 1000 that you sent flyers to. This is obviously not very cost effective nor is it encouraging.

Attain Success with A Bulk Email Marketing Campaign

Moving onto telemarketing, we only need to say that consumers do not like the concept very much. Recently, the DO NOT CALL LAW was passed due to consumer complaints to the Federal Communications Commission. Now telemarketing has become much stricter since it these companies must abide by this new law.

bulk email marketing
bulk email marketing

Finally, a bulk email marketing campaign works well because it is geared towards a targeted audience. Consumers who have expressed an interest in receiving promotions via email will be more receptive to hearing about your products and services. The response rate is much higher than the other forms of direct marketing, and optin email campaigns can be fully tracked for better planning in the future.