4 Tips Safeguarding Children from Internet Dangers

Realm of the internet is not completely secure, especially if users do not have a shield to protect themselves from the risks. Securing from the dangers of the Internet should be done, especially when associated with the use of public networks. In the school environment especially, students who use school Internet network should be kept away from all forms of threats ranging from about privacy and file sharing, free speech on the Internet, content that is inappropriate, to the problems of viruses and network security. Here are some tips that can be done by administrators or teachers for students and school network secure:

4 Tips Safeguarding Children from Internet Dangers
4 Tips Safeguarding Children from Internet Dangers
  1. Install Firewall

Admin at the school should be able to install a firewall software that monitors both the heading and the information that comes out of the school server, as a network security measures. This firewall will be able to prevent certain information (either a file or program) that incoming or outgoing about the school network. With the firewall, teachers and students is not possible to download free software, upload / send certain information or open an email attachment. Action downloading and opening file attachments can be a way for viruses to damage a computer system and open a crack for a hacker to access information belonging to the school.

  1. Install Filtering Software

The next step is to install filtering software to prevent student access to information or sites that are inappropriate. This filter works on the basis of keywords or a specific phrase you entered. If it is typed keywords contain the words ‘adult’ like sex or breast, then the user will not find the intended results. Even so this filter can not be successful 100% because now more and more site owners get around the blocking of access to the wily ways to create URLs that are not suspicious, but in fact misleading. Sometimes, there are some filters that prevent users using chat and blog services for reasons of content that is inappropriate and security risks. Installation of the filter remains the steps that are called upon to do for the safety of students.

  1. Limiting Upload Content

Internet security is not just talking about what we access, but also about what we post on the internet. Some schools have a policy banning the use of photographs of students on their sites. Others may use the photo, but with the condition does not mention names. Other schools allow photos, but by first name only.

  1. Become Role Model

Some tips on top is an important action taken to safeguard students and schools from dangerous of Internet. But beyond that, the most important step is on the shoulders of teachers and parents that are expected to be role models for students and children by teaching children to use the Internet in a responsible manner. Discussions in class and demonstration is something that is very useful for students. With this, the literacy about the dangers of surfing the Internet and in cyberspace in a healthy manner is not difficult anymore.