4 People on the Internet that Everyone Hates

Once you’ve been around the Internet for a while, you tend to notice certain trends. For example, in every forum thread, there will be one person insisting that something’s not real. That’s because, just as in real life, there are quite a few people on the Internet that are total jerks to everyone, and therefore are hated by the entirety of the Internet.

Here are four types people that ruin the Internet for everyone, making us hate them with an undying fury.

  1. People who insist that things are photoshopped.
    In every forum, there’s one guy who watches too much House and believes his abilities of perception to be absolutely infallible. He’ll constantly remind everyone of the fact that he’s seen a lot of photoshops, and insist that every picture, including famous pictures, are shopped. He’ll also insist that every video is fake, and that every celebrity story is staged. The thing is, nobody on the Internet cares. We like to live in an imaginary bubble world where dogs where funny hats and people accidentally fart out a plum.

  2. Conspiracy nuts.
    The Internet lets people express their views, even if those views are completely, 100% retarded. Therefore, any time you go to check out the latest pictures taken by a NASA satellite, you’ll have to wade through comments talking about how those pictures are fake (see above) and that the moon landing was fake and 9/11 was fake and the Internet’s fake and the only real thing in the universe is the corporation that’s been running America for the last hundred and fifty years.

    4 People on the Internet that Everyone Hates
    4 People on the Internet that Everyone Hates

3.People who post lolcats.
Pictures of cats with superimposed misspelled captions was funny for ten minutes back in 2006. At this point, we’re all just wishing that these Internet cutesy-types that post the same damned SNAKE CAT pictures or worse, blanks of their own cat asking everyone in a forum to CAPTION IT! would go get mauled by a lion. At which point we’ll all be off to the side yelling, “JESUS CHRIST, IT’S A LION! GET IN THE CAR!” and laughing maniacally.

  1. Cop-out, hack writers who write lame lists.
    Yes, of course lists are an easy to write, easy to read format, but that doesn’t stop these writers from being annoying–you’ll be wandering around on your favorite news aggregate site, perhaps reading user submitted content, and you’ll see a list, which you’ll click on, but you know that the entire time you’re just hating yourself for being so gullible. These writers should be completely ashamed of themselves.

What types of people on the Internet annoy you? Post in our comments section below, but be careful not to actually annoy people yourself.