Day: February 18, 2021

10 Basic Online Marketing Tips


What sets you apart from your competitors? What have you done for them to easily locate your business? We live in a digital world with a prominence in technology. One thing that is crucial for any business whether brick and mortar or virtual is a website. A website is key to your target audience and provides viability for your company.

Basic Online Marketing Tips


Let’s look at 10 basic online marketing tips to live by and see how you measure up. Here is a checklist to gauge your business model:

  • Choose your company and domain names wisely, it represents your company
  • Your company and domain names establishes your brand identity
  • Choose your hosting company carefully; do you need a basic or an ecommerce package?
  • How is your website appearance? Does it represent your company’s image, product or service?
  • Website tab/header basics: home, about us, service/product, shopping cart (if
    applicable) and contact us
  • There are website tab/header basics, build your site according to the needs of your company and those of your target audience
  • Stay away from flash pages they can not always be read by your audience, SEO or on a cell phone or personal digital assistant (PDA)
  • Create keywords, metatags and search engine optimization (SEO) that are appropriate for your company’s product or services
  • Frequently update your keywords
  • Submit your Uniform Resource Locator (URL) to various search engines
  • Submit frequently, keeping your company and domain names fresh
  • There are several ways to collect audience data; one way is to have a signup page for those that visit your site
  • Signups create an internal database
  • Keep your target audience updated on specials, news or any information that is special to your company
  • Sending emails through your standard email account is acceptable, however, depending upon the volume and frequency it is considered spam
  • If your emails are high volume and frequent consider sending emails through an approved emailing marketing services – Cooleremail or Constant Contact to name a few
  • What is on your site that makes your audience react, get excited and come back for more?
  • Partner with other companies to add exposure for your company
  • How are you validating your company online and setting it apart from your competitors?