Day: January 27, 2021

Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing is often conducted in person through referrals and at open houses. However, direct mail such as follow up letters and flyers is a great way to stay in touch. Since email is often ignored or labeled as spam, why not go the low-tech way? Believe it or not, direct mail still has incredibly high response rates.

Written Real Estate Marketing

real estate marketing

You can send invitations, flyers, sales letters, letters of introduction, or even brochures about your business. If you run seminars, you can send invitations to them, and also include some complimentary tickets. Be sure to add your contact information in case some prospects want to speak with you further.

While websites play an important role in real estate marketing, they are not your only way to market. Many people like to have written material available in tangible form, such as brochures and booklets. Have some printed to keep on hand in case anybody wants to have that information handy.

You can use postcards to remind people of upcoming events and tell a little bit about them. You can also use postcards to thank people for their business. Corporate greeting cards, with a handwritten note, also make a good impression on prospects and clients. It’s an easy way to stay in touch. Use snail mail in your real estate marketing and you are guaranteed to get good results.