Day: December 13, 2020

Real Estate Appraisal Software

Today, appraisal software isn’t something that’s useful only for those in the mortgage and insurance business. An appraisal can be useful for a homeowner who wants to know more about the value of a home and other homes in the neighborhood. For those who are thinking about refinancing or pulling equity out of their homes, an appraisal is a must.

When homeowners have their homes appraised, they want not only to know how much their homes are worth, but exactly what it is that adds or detracts from their homes’ values. It can be difficult to explain how the appraiser reached his or her decision over the phone or even in person, and providing your client with pages and pages of indecipherable data will only cause more confusion. Software manufacturers have recognized this need for accessible appraisal information and programs are now available making it possible for agents to provide their clients appraisal data they can understand.


Appraisal Software Can Benefit Agents

real estate appraisal software
real estate appraisal software

Many factors determine the overall value of a home. Many homeowners believe that landscaping and upgraded appliances play big parts in adding to the value of their home. With an appraisal information package, they can see that lot size and neighboring homes are just as important when determining a home’s value.

If you are an agent faced with the task of explaining how an appraiser reached his or her decision, appraisal software can make the job much easier. Providing your client with pictures of comparable properties currently for sale along with properties that recently closed can go a long way at clearing up confusion and calming frazzled nerves. For agents that are swamped with transactions, software makes appraisal report creation easy even for assistants and the technologically challenged.