13 Good, Healthy Reasons to Breast-Feed Your Baby

Humans are the only species in the animal kingdom that use artificial milk to nourish their young. In our Western society it is more common to see a baby being fed a bottle than it is from the breast. It is up to every mom to decide what she believes is best for her baby so below I have listed a few reasons why I believe the breast is best.

13 Good, Healthy Reasons to Breast-Feed Your Baby
13 Good, Healthy Reasons to Breast-Feed Your Baby

WHO Recommends Breast-feeding

The World Health Organization recommends breast feeding for at least 2 years. If you are unable to nurse they recommend pumping your milk and giving it to your baby in a bottle. If unable to do that they suggest giving your baby another humans milk. Last resort should be formula.

Breast Milk Is Digested Better Than Formula

Since formula is made from cows milk it has twice the protein as breast milk, which is more than the baby needs so it doesn’t all get absorbed. Breast fed babies almost 100% of the protein in mother’s milk.

Helps Uterus Shrink

My uterus shrunk back to it’s pre pregnancy size very quickly. My tummy was completely flat a month after having my son.

Breast feeding burns Calories

This Is another added bonus. Nursing burns 500 calories a day. I love that sitting on the couch watching television and nursing my baby burns the same number of calories as going on an hour walk.


There is no carrying around bottles and formula when you breast feed.

Less Ear Infections

Research has shown that babies who are formula fed have 3-4 times more ear infections than breast fed babies. My 10 month old has not had an ear infection yet!

No Bacteria

Fresh breast milk never contains bacteria. It actually contains anti bacterial properties.

Breast Milk Is Always The Perfect Temperature

There is no risk of burning your babies tongue when the milk is straight from the breast.

Formula Costs Taxpayers Millions Of Dollars

The government spends more than $2,665,715 a year to provide formula for mother’s that use the WIC program.

Breast Milk Tastes Better Than Formula

I have tried a drop of my milk and it tastes like vanilla coffee creamer. Formula tastes bland and has a gritty texture.

Breast Milk is never recalled

There have been several formula recalls in the past. Pretty scary if you ask me.

Less Spit Up

My son has only spit up maybe 5 times in his whole life.